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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Radio Norwich AutoBahn speed record

Sorry it's out of focus, but is 125mph in a 20 year old Rover a new Wacky Rally speed record?


However we did loose a team member who piked out a fly home alone 😂

Surf dudes


Rimini to Wokingham in 15 hours
Honestly we did the 130k speed limit 🤔
Great week roll on the next 👍🏻

Surf dudes

Heating Update....Team Goat...

Air conditioning finally fitted......

Get Outlook for Android

Radio Norwich

Heading for Luxembourg 


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Jan and carl



Big shout out to the two Plymouth boys Jan and carl in there little smart 4 .


Thanks lads for stopping and helping and for adding to some really great memories.


Lots of respect from us all at team young ones .


Ps hope you make it back safe